The sculptures are iron plates crumpled onto themselves as if they were sheets of paper. In these works, the viewer can see the references to pop culture and the conceptual. The material chosen is in line with the artist's poetics, a poor or popular material for its wide use in everyday life. In this work, the usage of the artist’s violence as a child is expressed when he finds himself cramming the sheet of paper for fun or in an act of anger. In this curling up there is a very profound act and that is to translate an object from the 2d plane to the 3d one, a poetic act of extreme simplicity. The series of sculptures is divided into the white ones with stylized drawings (fountain pens) that refer to that pop culture and those of the monochrome series. In the latter the sheets in addition to being crumpled as if they were covered, are further attacked by removing the paint, letting it come out the iron below.