Plug in

The title, Plug-in, is intentionally ambiguous, which literally means to attack, to connect, and refers both to the computer world and to the sexual one, recalled by the evident phallic form of the structure.
A mighty and austere iron cage, 5.60 m long and 1.50 m wide, “simply” contains air, the air of the 600 or more colored balloons that crowd it and that immediately attract the visitor's attention. The two components collaborate, play, to show us a full object, but a full of emptiness.
Through this work, we want to trigger in the visitor the wonder and amazement of the child, of the simplicity and the banal, of the ephemeral, capable of canceling all the tension that could arise during observation. It seems that the artist wants to create a kind of mockery around his work that discourages the analysis of the work itself. It is a real provocation but soft, calm but evident. an easy-to-understand image, capable of arousing even a smile.