The work offers a reflection on the close relationship that exists between the oxidation of a material and the time factor, a symbolic passage between time and matter. The choice of subjects is varied, in these you can find a pop language, where the symbol is a mere perceptive ploy to launch hidden messages. The oxidation taken into consideration in the work is that of rusting iron; what we usually try to eradicate, because it is harmful to metal, is exalted here, showing how beauty can also coincide with a destructive process that promotes a certain degree of enjoyment. This aspect is of great interest to the artist and shown , oxidation, decomposition of the basic matrix, which itself becomes the subject of beauty and perhaps even of the precious. In this type of structural composition, not only the monochrome base is emphasized but also the two-dimensionality of the image, it is through the surface that the understanding of something else that is not visible takes place.