The objects taken into consideration are of common use or symbolic, the image is simple and accessible to all, from the formal point of view it still remains familiar by resting on a simplistic rhetorical structure but, gradually, it can lead to establishing new levels of meaning by slowly overturning the meaning attributed to the object. What we notice is the corrosion of the objects, whether taken individually or conglomerated in blocks.
There is something ancient and geological, as if the objects had been digested and immortalized, but here the artist does not want to create the fossil, but in line with his artistic poetics, he reproduces these objects in series always creating different ones, one random, out of control mass reproduction, where there is no longer similarity but only unpredictability.
Doing so fosters a sense of ambiguity between the known object and its representation. The work is transformed into a perceptive bait that attracts the observer through the recognition of the subject, thus leading the viewer to establish an intimacy with the subject. 'Opera.
Through the creation of this series, the artist wanders between the primordial idea of  thought and the chaotic realization of form.