Astolfo Maria Cicerano was born in Italy in Terracina in 1986.
In his artwork, he plays with various materials through an experimentation and reaction process by adopting various artistic techniques. His stylistic multidirectionality is constantly branching ; extending from architecture,  design,  fashion, graphic design,  painting, and  sculpting .
Artist or as he may define himself to be an eclectic mixer, his work seems to wander from forms that can be traced back to a natural and spiritual dimension. There is a sardonic and perhaps cynicism spirit to the artwork that makes fun of the work,, creating a juxtaposition and questioning to art itself.
This material vision contrasts with the artist’ intellectualism, breaking into the everyday with strategies derived from humor and banality. Ultimately placing the viewer at the center of the play between symbol and matter through the alteration of commonly identifiable objects or materials considered poor.His utility of various materials including; the fragility of cardboard, the angularity of iron  intertwines between materiality and contradiction.
Astolfo’s artistic expressiveness is colored by the possibilities offering a mutation of materials, passing through an obsessive reworking body of work, rather than by the materialization of an idea. Works corroded, digested and destroyed by excessive intellectualism, which lead the artist to negate the work itself to the point of unlearning to be reborn by transforming his creations again, thus allowing him to introduce the concept of temporality and life into his work. And as in a game between past and present, with a pop aesthetic.

- Plug-In, Archaeological Museum of Salerno, Salerno, Italy

-Permanent exhibition in the Hotel Art Villa Fiorella, Salerno

- 5th Biennial of Young Italian Photographers, Bibbiena, Arezzo, Italy

- Competition for a work of art for the University of Physics.
- Artzept competition, finalist.
- Finalist at "Bosco Arte Stenico" Competition
- International Garden Festival Jardin de Mètis.
- II ° Prize "Art in the garden of Irene Brin"

- Exhibition and Contest - Art Hotel Gran Paradiso 100 years old, 100 rooms, 100 artists
- International Garden Festival Jardin de Mètis.

- PNA, National Arts Award, Competition, Bari. Finalist.
- Urbana, Installation of public art, Piazza Carità, Naples.
- Exhibition and Contest - Art Hotel Gran Paradiso 100 years old, 100 rooms, 100 artists

- Celeste Prize Contest, participation with Lorenzo Mores. Semifinalist.
- Celeste Contest Award, participation with Lorenzo Mores.
- Personal Exhibition, 'La Blanchère' hall, Terracina
-Star Rec, Collective Exibition, Museo Madre Napoli.

- Bookmarks, Love Rectangles. Exhibition, Civitanova Marche.
- 5 Transversal Searches. Partecipation. House of Music, Latina.

-International Painting Competition, Latin. Partecipation.

-Aprile Jazz, Latina. Partecipation.
- Concorso D'Arte Internazionale "La Natività", Roccagorga. 
- Rito di Passaggio, collective exhibition of public art, Latina.